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About Me Before using any of the above dentist equipment
, the Operating Manual should be read and fully understood.

Washing hands before and after testing is highly recommended for both operator and user as part of a sensible infection control regime.
The monitors use disposable cardboard Flatpak mouthpieces that connect to the monitor via a D-piece. The mouthpieces are singleuse only as re-use can increase the risk of cross-infection.

The D-piece contains a one-way valve to prevent patients drawing air back from the monitor. An integrated infection control filter removes and traps >99.9% of airborne bacteria1. Bedfont recommend that the D-piece is replaced every month or if visibly soiled. Take advice from your infection control expert before use on patients with known communicable diseases/conditions. D-pieces cannot be sterilised as this process may affect the positioning of the valve. It is possible that saliva can build up inside D-pieces that are not replaced regularly, which may over time affect the valve and efficacy of the filter material.
It is preferable that the user attaches they own mouthpiece to the D-piece before the breath test, and detaches and disposes of it once the test is complete.
Whilst the user is exhaling, the operator should avoid positioning themselves in front of the exhaust port of the instrument.
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