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Players are shooting FIFA 18 Coins better than their stars and their defense is playing at a championship level as it has for the past two yearsAt the same time the bottom line is that the Cavaliers are going out of their way to make things easier for the WarriorsAfter a point Game loss the Cavaliers are just the third team in NBA history to fall by at


least points in Games and of the Finals They'll have to win four of the series' final five games something that's only happened three times in NBA history to deliver Cleveland that everelusive title Realistically that means sweeping their three home games and winning one of two in Oracle ArenaSave from LeBron James tripping in a


stairwell and tumbling down flights it's hard so see how the Cavaliers' situation could be worse While there are myriad reasons for this predicament it's the team's sputtering offense the very weapon that catapulted LeBron and Co into the Finals that deserves the most blameThe Cavaliers' explosive attack that drained more than


threepointers per game at a percent clip Buy Fut 18 Coins throughout the Eastern Conference playoffs has bee impotent and inpetent The Cavaliers are shooting a putrid percent from the field thus far this series draining just of the threepointers they've attempted They're also coughing the ball up at alarmingly high rate the turnovers per possessions

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