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Fortably take on the poe currency responsibilityBender could also develop into a stellar pickandroll defender that can contain in multiple ways In a positionless league being able to switch and defend different types of players is key and this is an area where he could someday excelThough Bender needs to prove he can stay in front of elite wings and


guards on defense the outside possibility is at least there that he develops into a fiveposition defender He has a high work ethic plays his ass off and has already shown flashes against grown men in the Israeli League So the signs are there that it could happen and if it does then that makes him an insanely valuable pieceBut like any


teenager Bender is rough around the edges on defense He bites for too many pump fakes and makes questionable decisions as the helper These are nitpicky flaws though as the real hurdle will be for him to translate his skills to the NBA despite not having ideal athleticismVersatility is integral to success in the league so Dragan Bender's


defense is ultimately what puts him in poe trade currency the conversation as a top pick He might be a risk but it's calculated It's easy to see him developing into a versatile role player and in the right situation those glue guys sometimes blossom into something specialKevin O'Connor can be contacted on Facebook and Twitter KevinOConnorNBA His

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