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Detroit didn't poe currency shy away from an active offseason turning over key parts of the roster in order to begin playing a more shootingoriented style The Pistons had struggled to find an identity under the old regime often bringing in players who didn't necessarily fit togetherNow Van Gundy seems to be making it a priority to space the floor


around Drummond like we saw from his Orlando Magic teams with Dwight Howard That makes Detroit intriguing especially in an Eastern Conference that's fairly wide open entering the seasonEven if there's only so much improvement to be made from last year'srecord a breakout year by Drummond or Jackson could really stir things


up At the very least the Pistons start the year with possibilities something theteam couldn't really say after losingof its firstgamesEven if Drummond's not Howard in his prime Van Gundy has shown that his style can work Beginning this year the Pistons are hoping to see the fruits of all this laborLAST YEARRECORDth in Eastern


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