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Introducing A revolution poe currency in rim cleanupPlay of the nightWhiteside's blocks weren't easy swats he was everywhere on defense On this play he defended the ball the entire time following Gorgui Dieng as the Minnesota big man drove to the hoop and thenNemanja Bjelica on the alleyoop Whiteside is one of the most electric


big men in the game fun things and one not so fun thingR Kelly drained a three with a cigar in his mouth before HawksNetsStephen Curry wore short shorts and still did ridiculous things during warmupsAnthony Davis left PelicansNuggets with a left shoulder injuryScoresWizardsBucksBullets Forever recap Brew Hoop


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Mind recap Raptors HQ recapsvg width height viewboxxmlnsworgsvgg fill fillruleevenoddpathgsvgsection plelinkliststreamh pbreakerheadIn this Storystreamh plelinkliststreamtitle schedule and results Warriors improve toin sloppy win over Raptorsul  Kristaps Porzingis reveals he has the dream shake in his post move arsenalli 

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