TERA going free-to-play in February in North America, Europe as TERA: Rising

SmrtsmithTERA, the fantasy MMO from Bluehole Studio, will end up a free-to-play game referred to as TERA: Rising later in North America and Europe.
Bluehole will mark the launch of Tera Items: Rising using a delivery of latest content, like the wave-based Crucible of Flame dungeon (first three screenshots above) and also a PvP arena referred to as Champions' Skyring (last three screenshots above).
According to Brian Knox, executive producer at En Masse Entertainment, the game's North American publisher, the corporation decided to make TERA free-to-play as a way to widen the game's potential audience and since "the MMO market has evolved, as well as the better." Gameforge publishes TERA in Europe. TERA originally launched in North America and Europe on Windows PC in May 2012.
Free players won't run across any level cap, high won't be any restrictions around the content they could access or perhaps the amount of time they are able to spend playing. They will be tied to two characters per server, in addition to their transactions are going to be subject to a couple of taxes. "You're receiving the real TERA, not some watered-down trial version," said Knox. The developers are adding an in-game store where players can buy items for example costumes, mounts, consumables and additional character slots.
""You're obtaining the real TERA, not some watered-down trial version""
Anybody who's ever obtained a copy of TERA or does so down the road will receive "founder" status, which grants anyone perks like an in-game title to tout that status, six additional character slots along with the exclusive Terminus mount. Players may also continue to pay $14.99 per month for Tera Items PS4, that will grant them "elite" status. "This elite status may benefit you beyond what your subscription gets you today," Knox said. Elite players get extra dungeon rewards, an "epic mount," a fifty percent reduction within the cooldown time between dungeon entries, 10 bonus quests on a daily basis and discounts within the store that En Masse says could make Elite status buy itself.

TERA going free-to-play in February in North America, Europe as TERA: Rising comments

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