Columns: It's Never a Quiet Week for Exiles!

SmrtsmithColumns: It's Never a Quiet Week for Exiles!
By Suzie Ford on April 16, 2018
The ramp up to another big content drop is underway and Grinding Gear are going to be pulling out each of the stops to supply Path of Exile players with every one of the information that they need when it hits. Lots of information must be coming in your next week or two, but that does not mean that there has not been a a lot of open great stuff to view and learn during the period of the past week. Read on, Exiles, to discover what's new in PoE!
1. How We Made Path of Exile: Royale
Grinding Gear really pulled a quick one on players on April Fool's Day by making a playable battle royale version on the game. Surprisingly, or maybe not, that it was a big hit with players. So much so, the truth is, that GGG is considering either making PoE: Royale part from the game as being a recurring event or building a standalone version. That's pretty cool!
This week, GGG organize a fun article for fans of PoE: Royale that may be basically summed up as "How We Did It". The article details the program of attack and how that it was implemented into your game.
We launched the mode punctually and that it was a huge success on two levels. Most users loved the joke at face value, but additionally discovered that it turned out actually an authentic game mode they might play, and one which is a great deal of fun. We also renamed the action on Steam to "Path of Exile Currency: ROYALE". Over the 31 hours that it turned out running, 27,989 matches of Royale were played. We had an enjoyable experience running the presentation and watching the community's a reaction to it. Many laughs were had.
What do you think of PoE: Royale?
2. Visual Updates
One from the coolest issues that GGG does because of its players is to supply them with metric plenty of ways to customize their characters. Many of these are available in the form of microtransactions and, while that's turn into a dirty word in certain circles, it isn't really in Path of Exile. Most are easily affordable and all sorts of are totally optional. Sounds like a win-win.
This week, a couple of cool new microtransactions arrived in the sort of Phantasmal Whirling Blades that replaces the Whirling Blades effect as well as a new visual overlay for your Arcane Portal. The former offers the more emo crowd which has a dark and gloomy set of blades spinning with the air, as you move the latter comes with a new stylish accept portals. See at action within the videos below.
3. Build on the Week & a Bonus Build
One on the greatest things which GGG does is usually to tap into its theorycrafting community. One way they've consistently complied is with the Build with the Week program that permits content creators to supply interesting and unusual builds for the community.
This weeks build arises from Tarpan and is also called the Dancing Due Juggernaut. "[W]e're showcasing tarpan's build for any Juggernaut which doesn't do much killing itself, but takes a more supportive role with the two minions it manifests. It does this when using the fated version in the Dancing Dervish unique sword, the Dancing Duo."
We also missed one from your couple of weeks ago which is decidedly worth mentioning. This time, Some_Day provides a take on a build called "Righteous Scorching by Ray Hierophant". "[W]e're showcasing Some_Day's Hierophant that produces use of self-cast Righteous Fire and Scorching Ray totems. This build combines high single-target Cheap POE Currency burning damage through multiple Scorching Ray totems with wide area-of-effect burning damage from Righteous Fire."
4. Skill Usage Statistics
A great deal of people really love to view how other people are working through leagues. GGG has always so long as information to players to supply a peek at what builds and character archetypes players are employing as well as the hottest skills and skills are being received by play. In this article, players are treated with a list of "every skill gem, to be able of most to least used" as well as a huge amount of other information ranked along statistics determined using a variety of filters and parameters.
Looking strictly as of this list, it seems like clear that fire is often a popular damage type to develop around. It's also clear that, a minimum of while levelling, the opportunity to traverse small gaps via Flame Dash and Leap Slam is very valued.
   The most widely used Vaal skills are generally auras, with all the great majority of Vaal skills being hardly used. Many of these skills have received nerfs since their release (four years ago!), while a small number of have received buffs. This is something we're keenly aware about and anticipate to have more news about inside the coming weeks.
To that end, GGG has additionally posted the three.2.2c patch notes that happen to be specifically targeting improvements within the Bestiary league. This patch will probably be deployed later this week. "We're continuing to create improvements on the Bestiary league. Later this week we're about to deploy these.2.2c Patch that could prevent destruction of special Beasts' corpses, so you are able to use Necromancy Nets to capture those Beasts. Alongside this transformation, the patch includes many bug fixes."
5. T-Shirt Design Competition Highlights
GGG is completely down having its art community and frequently provides them with solutions to showcase their talents. The most recent example of that's the T-Shirt Design Competition. The title is fairly self-explanatory and this also week GGG provides us a look at some with the awesome submissions they have got received. Let's just claim that these are some amazing works of art!

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