Columns: A Quiet But Productive Week

The Path of Exile beta for The Fall of Oriath is ongoing and although it was overall an abandoned week, lots happened to obtain the expansion ready for launch later in 2010. In addition, devs spent time eventually week's E3 in Los Angeles and also a brief wrap report with links for some of the awesome coverage.
So many players are already taking part in The Fall of Oriath expansion beta that GGG POE Currency has become able to gather a lot of data to generate some modifications to game play and correct some bugs. For over a week's in data, it's actually a surprisingly little bit of things to fix, yet again showing the interest to detail that devs put in content before releasing it.
The first more major round of fixes, though other, smaller hotfixes seemed to be deployed. The major points addressed are highlighted below:
    Below we've listed some from the core fixes got going in the patch. (Note: These are not the patch notes and smaller updates have already been excluded from your list):
        Players can't bypass this wonderful time barrier in The Ruined Square by utilizing movement skills.
        Shock Nova is now able to supported by Spell Echo
        Vaal side areas will not spawn inaccessible portals.
        The Atziri portal variation won't apply to regular maps.
        Monsters won't leave floating weapons on death.
        Crimson Scholars still can't be desecrated.
        Fixed several audio problems, including crackling.
        Fixed a challenge where the "More Fire Damage" on the "Chance to Ignite" support gem hasn't been working correctly.
        The "Bloodlust" support gem will properly indicate "Supported Attacks cannot cause Bleeding".
        Bleeds applied by Spike Traps based in the Labyrinth and Trials now deal more damage.
        You still can't return to the Act 5 boss room completing your dream.
        Fixed a concern with the "Cluster Traps" support gem applying the "Less Trap Damage" modifier twice.
        Fixed a problem where Bannon would output dialogue to have a chat incorrectly.
        Ascendancy Trials obtained in Maps can be interacted with and may show your overall trial completion.
        You are now able to interact using the noticeboard in Act 7.
        Arakaali should no longer be competent to drop inaccessible loot.
        You'll now only select one Vaal Vessel within a Corrupted side zone.
        Saving your settings should now properly save them.
        We have fixed several crashes.
    And, yes, the Ebony Barracks waypoint is moved returning to Buy POE Currency its original position!
There will likely be another round of fixes patched in later this week as well as a beta wipe when that takes place. This will let the team to gather more data on leveling and Act 8. Once that's done, the 3rd patch must be deployed in a few days that will target balance and polishing.
In addition to taking care of the game itself, GGG introduced a fresh set of eleven support gems covering many uses. You can check them all out here.

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