The warrior is PUBG Skins

RsgoldfastThe warrior is PUBG Skins

This is a potential make or break decision--which player do you trust enough with the bonus stage opportunity?

The safe bet is the top player. If they're rated the highest, they'll probably score the most points, so you can't go wrong with that train of thought.

When there's a different player you feel strongly about, give them the crown --only be sure to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of buy PUBG Skins what it might do for your team. If you don't believe that they'll lay an egg in the week, go ahead and take the risk.

Fillers don't get crowns, nevertheless. Unless you are supremely confident in your other selections to take the load and you also want to go for broke with your filler, then you need to play it safer than simply naming this kind of player your captain.

See the outcomes

No one is perfect. Look closely at the contest and learn from it. If you see apparent mistakes on your picking strategy, take notes and enhance it. Look at the scores and select out potential targets for the next week.