I can't do anything

Mmoak2018Somethings that I've thought about is making it so cubes Maplestory Mesos are far more readily available to players enjoy giving 1 out per day on 1 character on the account. One more factor is getting rid of red cubes, since they pretty much do nothing, then dropping the price of black cubes and bonus potential cubes to a more reasonable budget. I personally would have almost no problem paying for black cubes and incentive bud cubes if they where just like 50 cents each and every speed upgrading to a different potential grade was improved, but 2.20$ adds up to quickly especially since I'm from Canada and the exchange rate actually hurts my capital.

Another idea was only making it so that the cubes only automatically moved your potential position up, and then we could use MapleStory 2 Mesos, the same manner zero will, to re-roll our potential. You could make it so everyone had weapon points, which could be needed to re-roll weapon and sub-weapons much more control over there possible and let them get better potential at there own will.

I know that there's a cash aspect to all this, as in Nexon is a company and companies want to create money but as somebody who has spent money on this game then any other sport I play, I feel nostalgic each and every time I buy a block particularly with the feeling that possible creates.

I am hoping that you guys do something to alter potential so more people can deal that god grade damage, it might create more people play because they wouldn't stop after realizing that Maplestory 2 items game is super pay to triumph. As someone who has played this game for years, I hate to say it but potential has finally pushed me to the point of stopping the sport because I feel like with no I can't do anything.

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