There being an extra boss to PoE currency

DiannaoWhat makes this conflict so distinct, and in turn, much harder, is the fact that it consists of four boss phases and three add stages. The include phases, specifically, are a tough challenge, with there being an extra boss to PoE currency greet you that poses a hazard on the level using The Chimera.

1 thing which you will surely wish to avoid is the circle the Chimera forms for his Combo Attack. Apart from that, the remainder of his attacks should not deal with you too much damage, although the Charge and Hidden Attacks can cause you a few issues, so be sure to save some flasks just in case.

For an add stage will begin. This sees you going from each cage taking out waves of adds, and then you'll spawn the add boss via the cage in the bottom-right. The include bosses consist of all the Goat, Aspect of the Snake and Aspect of the Path of exile currency Helion, which copes sequential damage, Chaos Damage, Poison Damage and Fire Damage respectively.

They might add bosses, but they should be treated by you with the identical respect as the fight with The Chimera nevertheless.