Port-a-Forts are fantastic for Fortnite materials

DiannaoPort-a-Forts are fantastic for Fortnite materials giving you some good height speedily, but they don't always guarantee you a vertical edge over your opponents. If another participant is on elevated terrain or has assembled themselves a massive structure which you just can't shoot out afterward the Port-a-Fort may not be the best solution. Afterall it will only boost up you a short way and you're going to have to do some insecure building yourself to continue to build on top of it.

If you believe you need to gain a little excess height try building your way up onto some high terrain and throwing down it. This will nearly always work out far better than throwing it at your feet during a panicked moment in the center of a valley. Obviously if by some miracle you have several Port-a-Forts then stacking them on top of each other is a good strategy.

Each Port-a-Fort will put some tires in the Buy fortnite items base that will throw anybody who rolls them up to the peak of the structure. When you've just constructed one or need to return to the very best that's pretty handy, but it can also be your downfall as it makes it rather easy for a foes to sneak in and quickly fly before you even know they're there. So to be certain that doesn't happen try setting a simple wooden flooring over the area where the fort opens up at the top.
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