My game recommendation today of The Division 2

RskingdomYou know what I simply think players are getting to be more of a smart ass, because of everybody saying it seems the same, like wtf man back when GTA 3 came out it was ground breaking afterward GTA Vice City came out The Division 2 Credits and it was the exact same thing different place, San Andreas came out essentially the exact same thing different location, then GTA freedom city/Vice City tales was exactly the same dam thing, why all of your guys complaining? Do you believe the devs are going to changed the crap? You believe they're going change it? If they did then it would be call something else... I remember back at the ps2/Xbox era everybody was excited for a brand new sequel to great game, Star wars battle front 2 (first ps2/Xbox one) that was the same issue to the very first Star wars battlefront.

Halo! It's the exact same thing using a tie story. What do you need?? Do you need something so different because it's not a branch style, that we should simply rename the game to something else game?? SMH at times the gamer community must look back and realized that they are those discussing unnecessary bullshit about a brand new game. And I do not support loot boxes if one of those guys was going to say some crap like that.

. Then there is a infinite and insistent grind . The pvp is horrible for both equilibrium and gameplay, so it doesnt make sense and you must spend hours upon hours online looking for guides to know wth is going on. For example: I got the defence classified equipment, maxed out it attained max gear score and individuals somehow manage to ruin me and my defense in another second. I simply play online pvp in matches and that's the only game I can't understand and had to stop after spending 241h trying to find out it.

For all the bullet sponges ppl go play ghost recon.... It's a game let them be creative with the game in their way. Why do ya have to be this square with ya imagination? Zombies, aliens, robots, demons are equaled by rpg. Today we've got a hundreds of games like this then ya'll whine about another zombie match or another battle royale or this game is copying off of diablo or destiny so I'm not buying it....make up ya mind. . .listen simply enjoy it if you like it or give it a shot if you think you may like it, whats the harm outside of 400 hours or more of your life now being spent on a game which you may like The Division 2 Boosting and maybe not spending more time with luv ones at the actual world but that is another story...

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