I don't understand why MLB stubs not


I don't understand why MLB stubs not having the ability to decide on a team was a problem I just made a catcher RTTS headphones got made by Cincinnati and it made sense since they were in need of catchers because their Opening day catcher was only 79 rated I could choose to play for the giants but with buster Posey there that I doubt I make it to the majors most probably I get traded so what's the purpose of choosing a team once you're able to still end up on a team you do not want to play for??


Is your World MLB The Show Classic Inside This?? Could be dope to get your player good enough to be selected for this country's team a user chooses to how it's in career mode in FIFA. Obviously depending on the nation determines the chance of you being selected. Considerably more likely to get selected to Team Israel compared to Team USA or Team DR.I've adored the show for years now but I'm getting at the point of saying fuck this. Thanks for giving up in your own fans.


Because they did not watch the first streams, Everybody seems pissed about the game. The gameplay improvements are enormous. The changes are enormous. Mode streams are. Learn your shit first. Mlb the show is one of those elite in the games are created, even if they did nothing though. Far better than ea sports games.The bud textures/graphics require a major overhaul. They are not on par with the graphics of the player versions. Fifa and golf games on the elderly gen systems have improved grass than MLB 19.


I agree with you about grinding and playing with MLB The Show 19 Stubs games on rookie difficulty. In certain ways, the MLB The Show 18 grinds were enjoyable, but it was just too much and it really encouraged you to play to reach your goals quicker, and that is simply not enjoyable. And having to keep notes on what you'd for goals with gamers. . .too much....the in game tracker is a very welcome addition. In the event the Moments are similar to Madden solo challenges, I'll take it, I enjoy the sound of it. And I love the fact that before you own them you get to play cards. Great video Koogs.


I adore the concept of moments. I hope rewards are not nerfed. At least you know you ground towards a card which will make a difference on your group Although 18 had absurd stat lines. I also hope if they're planning to give out 99's in this match mode, they don't release them until later in the year and there are more 99's than a year so we don't have the same exact lineup as somebody else. As somebody who had nearly a full immortal lineup last year, I just don't want myself to have enjoy Griffey, Ruth, Ted, vlad, etc that are chipper and then ranked has the same lineup every single game. I expect this season it is addressed, although that is a different gripe not related to this video. I know you'll face people sometimes, but it shouldn't be every game you play.

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