Exobyte Cache to DKO Florins

DiannaoThe Character Advance also comprises"the newest House of El 2019 equipment suit, an Artifact Starter Pack, an Exobyte Cache to DKO Florins receive your Augments up to date, Episode 30: Earth 3, about 85 skill factors, along with a grab bag of consumables". Once unlocked, then the gear suit could be applied to other characters as well in the Style Menu. To earn the Character Advance, players need to log into the match before January 31st. Just one advance that was free is offered per account, but more could be purchased in Character Select screens or the Character Creation.

Along with this Character Advance, Members will get a Member Appreciation Gift box which includes the Member Gift Artifact Cache. Players will have the ability to select among the game's 14 artifacts, as well as getting"a ton of Nth Metal, Marks of Victory, along with also the all-new BRAINIAC LAIR THEME!" That features the large room from the Atlantean Lair, the ambiance of a Brainiac Harvester Ship, and new appearances for buy DK Online Florins Amenities, Armories, and Back-Up/Henchmen. Members must also log in before January 31st and just 1 gift box will be applied to each account to find this gift.

The event also brings back Open Episodes, meaning that all players can play all the game's episodes up until Episode 32. This does, of course, exclude the match's most recent installment,"Episode 33: Atlantis", however, enables players to have caught up with all the narrative up till there. Open episodes will be available until January 31st.