I just play one year per MLB the Show version

The things they include are glossy at best and don't do anything to really progress the mode ahead. Hell, this year the one thing they included was in year contract extensions. They have done absolutely nothing to the show 19 stubs boost trade logic, farm system growth, progression/regression, fiscal stability. They still have not added anything which would let us personalize our arena price, concessions, etc.. They haven't included a league expansion/relocation feature or even a create a scene feature.

They still only have a minor league system that is only two levels deep, with this"15 man single A" nonsense. They have never bothered to include leagues such as the GCL, DSL, High A, Low A or some of that. They still have a very confusing a sporadic training system which does little to improve propsect development. They still only have a 7 round draft with a dreadful scouting system (badly, I do not think they know the 20-80 grade system at all). I really don't need all these things for me to be happy with franchise mode, but these are matters we have been asking for because 2013 and they have not made a dent into it. Individuals who do bring up these issues will get the"You ought to play Out Of The Park MLB The Show 19" instead. I do play OOTP, but I'd prefer a workable franchise mode where I could actually play as the players too.

I don't care if I just play one year per MLB the Show version, because carryover conserves means I can continue my franchise each year and build my own fictional universe. The stats I make by playing each pitch helps me create my own team's storylines, therefore to meI want franchise to be so deep as possible with all of the bells and whistles. I'm perfectly fine if MtO is an choice to play with franchise eventually, but I do not want to lose the ability to play with every pitch of every game nor view innovative whistles and bells applied to only an MtO kind experience.If they do some thing and unite both of them I would still MLB The Show 19 Stubs for sale. I'm somebody that has played 162 the previous 3 decades and try to get though one time per game and keep it in the next year. '19 would be my fourth season and if franchise is stopped I would be devastated...

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