Where a guy gets MLB 19 Stubs at bats


Where a guy gets MLB 19 Stubs at bats a match and a few balls hit to him. And Harper is not just doing something amazing on the field lets be honest. His very best stat is is OBP, his ability to get on base because"he chooses walks". .Truth isalso, that contract will never be warranted. Maybe if the Phillies can acquire a minimum of two championships during those long 13 years, than perhaps you can justify it a bit.


But thats highly doubtful. Let's not forget, Harper was not playing on a slouch team. He played a very first place playoff group for nearly all his career. Yet he wasn't enough to put them over for a playoff series win. And that's even with the great pitching that the Nats have experienced over time, something that Phillies can not really


boast. A good deal of you are about that men MLB 19 the show stubs jock due to all of the media attention he's gotten his whole career, being considered a young phenom and expected to be a superstar since he was 18 years old. You are all still drinking the juice tho. The guy has been a rather average player that has a great ability to get on base. He'd ONE great MVP season, and ONE other pretty good year. . The rest are ordinary. LOL.


Now he's rich, and he's supposed to all the sudden play better? He has paid you dummies, he isn't gonna be better. You gotkindly accept what Bryce Harper is. He is a guy that will hit between.245 and.270, Hit about 35 HR and drive in 90 Runs, while using a good On base percentage. The man had 100 RBI just ONCE his entire career. He has had OKAY numbers, but nothing to warrant over 30 million a year, not even over 25 million a year. So proceed Phillies fans, take. Inform me how Harper is the greatest player ever now that he's in your team lol. Make me laugh just like the Padres fans did last week.

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