I really don't play The Elder Scrolls Blades anymore

No need to get mad. I honestly didn't know you were speaking to that discussion. Argument still stays though. The purpose of my original comment (The remark Coolboy is reacting to, therefore still besides our argument ) was commentary about Bethesda games and PC and these. Fallout Shelter is a bit of a mess and I can go on nexus to ESO Blades Items acquire mods to enhance it just like all the other Bethesda messes. I had been arguing my point of playing PC over telephone with that man. Bethesda games are a mess. They tend to need third parties in order to be less of a wreck.

You come in and try to argue that logic could be applied to anything, but you are wrong. Not every game company releases clusters such as Bethesda that seem to need the community to bail them out. It will have problems because it's Bethesda and that's the attitude they have fostered since probably Skyrim. Why play with a mess on phone in the event the community will mend it on PC anyway? In terms of the Tetris case you bring up I have never seen a Tetris (Pure Tetris not including Tetris to other matches ) mod. By that extension I have never seen a Tetris mod which actively fixes the bugs and optimization of Tetris. So far as I understand the developer of Tetris didn't require the community to fix his problems.

The Elder Scrolls Blades create countless,y'all need to stop being blind and ignorant, just because you won't play or buy anything in The Elder Scrolls Blades doesn't mean it won't create countless dollars.I understand they make millions. Other games I spend 20-100 depending on The Elder Scrolls Blades and when I have pleasure. I don't see it being any different the what I have spent for World of Warcraft when I had been enjoying that (completely stopped after legion).Well, no real surprise, that is how The Elder Scrolls Blades are. I really don't play ESO Blades Gold anymore, do not even care about them. The last time I played with a mobile game it had been Clash of Kings, and it moved to complete shit with Chinese gamers that had been put shit loads of cash into The Elder Scrolls Blades to level up their castles & components. It turned out unplayable.

I really don't play The Elder Scrolls Blades anymore comments

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