The writers of mt 2k19 not only admit


Moreover, the writers of mt 2k19 not only admit the character's defects -- instead of dismissing them as NBA 2K18 did -- but they also use this to craft a sensible narrative. The protagonist proceeds to return to the NBA as soon as possible, feels short changed for the effort he puts in, and thinks he deserves better.

In summary, he's a bit full of himself. That is a dangerous attitude for a rookie to have and also the game's opening hours make it too apparent. AI thinks this is his chance to impress American scouts along with the game hands you a scripted moment in which you dunk over a former college teammate, which soon becomes a viral movie clip.

The following day, your Chinese coach informs you that you're being traded off and a cutscene afterwards, you are back in Los Angeles and led to the home of the Lakers. It all feels like it magically worked out for AI regardless of Buy nba 2k19 mt his attitude but it's only when he arrives in the training center does he realise that he's been traded into the South Bay Lakers -- they perform in the small NBA G League -- not the Los Angeles Lakers.

And even before your character has fully accepted the fact of the situation, he is traded to some other G League group named Fort Wayne Mad Ants in rural Indiana. The quick double whammy really lets you feel that the consequences of AI believing he deserves better, although the execution could have achieved with a little shine.