Matches around nba 2k19 mt game


Starting with a 60 overall score as in previous years, you'll need approximately 2,00,000 VC to reach 85, which is necessary for those wishing to play against others online. You earn VC for playing matches around  nba 2k19 mt game modes but if you plan to devote all of your cash in MyCareer, playing games and getting some game time in Neighborhood will net you a maximum of 2,000 VC per cycle. And that is if you work really well.

Basically, you're looking at a long and tough grind to level up your player. Or you can easily fork over Rs. 4,000 to get 2,00,000 VC. Sure, you will have to devote a little bit of work if you want to go beyond that, but it does not excuse the pay-to-win aspect. (For what it's worth, 2K has complied with loot-boxes bans in Belgium and the Buy 2k19 mt Netherlands, unlike EA.)

2K confronted heavy backlash last year for linking player updates to actual money last year, and its parent firm Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick issued a tone deaf answer on the matter back in June. He contended that people want"everything free of charge" and they"can not really help them" since the company is interested in supplying"a fair deal" while offering them"more than they paid for". His statement overlooked the fact that NBA 2K19 prices Rs. 3,000 or more upfront to get, and implied that 2K isn't interested in listening to fans.