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Idk about all of this buy classic wow gold for 1 or 2 max than TBC. Where's the purpose of opening classic as blizzard or playing with it as player? For me they're opening cause it needs to be a much better and more long term than servers that are private. Why should I ruin my life to lose it after one year at this point. I want till the retail servers shut down as it will launch classic to be. I hope they'll do a few servers per expansion so everybody can be happy.I dont think it is in their very best interest not to have BGs at the beginning. Have the honor system handicapped at the start, although id be 100% fine with BGs being at launch in WoW Classic. So that you can still do BGs however they're 100% for fun. I can see it , I wil have friends which are going be such as O and to quit if Bgs come out sick come back. But leave the rewards and honor outside system before a time!?

Glad blizz is listening. But I hope for cross realm BG as possible for classic, will not be playing with them until that's occurred. I remember the nightmare. Near impossible to get into them and getting killed over and over again by people who know who their easy targets are because dreadful course balance.Guys I am wondering about the world supervisors. Who is going to benefit from them? I believe that just the high level guild would. Imagine the server. One group can loot the 3-4 items. The first race will be performed no Thing. I am completely sure that the majority of the individuals are currently gon na play for fun not to rush the material. Nowadays we have the manuals and I know them. But I am not willing to become hardcore. Individuals AFKing scrutinizing the others:-RRB- and silver will still be asking for gold

I've a question about the servers that they will do to classic: Have you theorized and ever talked about it about the Classicasts? Might it be possible to tell me? And What are the ideas on this? They need to perform the amount of servers right for WoW Classic to be prosperous because I think. And they likely will do regional servers which means splitting the US and European playerbase. Obv it makes sense cause the US guys would really like to play a suitable ping (unlike on many personal servers which are based in the EU) but each of wow classic gold those things make me wonder what they have in store for us server shrewd. Will there be language based servers such as german ones, french ones etc. reason why this will divide the community much more.

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