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Rangers Hoping Stanton Cuddyer Bautista Or Pence Will Hit Market - RealGM Wiretap

The Texas Rangers have Alex Rios and Michael Young in their sights Luke Moore Toronto FC MLS Jersey , but a person with knowledge of the situation said the club might wait to see if bigger targets like Giancarlo Stanton, Michael Cuddyer, Jose Bautista or Hunter Pence will become available.

With those four unlikely to hit the market, Rios might be the most likely acquisition for Texas.

The Rangers and other teams continue to be told Stanton won't be traded. Rockies ownership has said Cuddyer is unavailable and San Francisco seems unlikely to move Pence.

Mike Rizzo Doesnt Believe Nationals Have Any Immediate Needs - RealGM Wiretap

Mike Rizzo doesn't believe the Washington Nationals have any serious needs as the trade deadline approaches.

"We don't have any immediate needs," the general manager said.

"I think the bench is solid. I can't see what upgrade we would get on the bench that’s on the market. It's balanced Justin Morrow Toronto FC MLS Jersey , it's productive, they're great guys, and they're versatile defensively. They're good, veteran players. All of them have been everyday players in the big leagues in the not-so-distant past," Rizzo added. "So it's a good bench."

The Nationals have a six-game lead over the New Yorks Mets and Miami Marlins in the NL East.

Source Red Sox Offered Lester $70M Over Four Years - RealGM Wiretap

Red Sox left-hander Jon Lester questioned a report Saturday that his stalled contract negotiations mean it's "looking more and more" like this is his last season with the team.

"Why does it mean I'm out of Boston?" Lester said when asked about the Fox Sports report Jozy Altidore Toronto FC MLS Jersey , which said the last Red Sox offer to their ace was four years and $70M, well below the prospective free agent's perceived market value.

A source confirmed to ESPNBoston the terms of the Red Sox's latest offer "give or take." That average annual value of $17.5M would lag well below the $20M plus that is becoming the norm for top-of-the-rotation starters.

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