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锘? Boston is the capital and most populous city of Massachusetts. With the reputation of being the largest city in New England James Milner Jersey , Boston is often considered to be the unofficial economic and cultural center of the New England region. The Greater Boston area, which is home to over 4.4 million people, includes the nearby cities of Worcester and Providence.

Puritan colonists from England founded the city, in 1630. During the late 1700s, Boston was the location of several major events during the American Revolution.

After the revolution, Boston became a major shipping port and manufacturing center, and its rich history now attracts 16.3 million visitors annually. The city was the site of several firsts, including America's first public school, Boston Latin School (1635) Jack Wilshere Jersey , and college, Harvard College (1636) in Cambridge, as well as the first subway system in the United States.

With regard to sports, Boston is famous for the Boston Red Sox and their playing field Fenway Park. With various important history associated with it, Boston Red Sox can be termed as a mere reflection of the city as well.
The Boston Red Sox are a Major League Baseball team. The team is a charter member of the American League East Division. They play home games at Fenway Park, which opened on April 20, 1912, making it the oldest major league ballpark still in operation. The Red Sox won the first World Series as the Boston Americans in 1903 against the Pittsburgh Pirates. They won their most recent World Series championship in 2004, after an 86-year interval.
The Yankees-Red Sox Rivalry is one of the longest standing and most storied rivalries in North American sports. The rivalry has spread both Yankees and Red Sox fans throughout the country Jack Butland Jersey , and a great amount of both can be seen at their respective team's road games. The Red Sox currently lead all other major league baseball teams in average road attendance, yet Fenway Park's small capacity has the Red Sox ranked 11th in attendance at home. The Red Sox have sold out every home game from May 15, 2003 to the present, a span of well over four years.
Fenway Park is the home ballpark of the Boston Red Sox baseball club. The park, the oldest of all current Major League Baseball stadiums, opened in 1912, and this season, 2007, marks Fenway's 95th birthday. Fenway hosted the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in 1946 Harry Kane Jersey , 1961, and 1999, and has played host to nine World Series. Fenway is regarded as one of the most historic and tradition-rich stadiums in all of sports.
At Fenway Park, there are several features which highlight the history and the tradition of this all important stadium of U.S. sports. They are,
The Green Monster
The Triangle
The Lone Red Seat
The Belly
Peskys Pole
Fisk Foul Pole
Duffys Cliff
Canvass Alley
The stadium is most famous for the left field wall called the "Green Monster". Constructed in 1934, the 37-foot high wall is 240 feet long, has a 22-foot deep foundation, and was constructed from 30,000 pounds of Toncan iron. Previously Gary Cahill Jersey , a 23--foot tall screen protected cars and pedestrians on Lansdowne Street. However, the screen was replaced after the 2002 season with more seating atop the Green Monster.
"The Triangle" is a region of center field where the walls form a triangle whose far corner is 420 feet (128 m) from home plate. That deep right-center point is conventionally given as the center field distance. True center is unmarked, 390 feet from home plate, to the left of "The Triangle" when viewed from home plate.
"Williamsburg" was the name, invented by sportswriters, for the bullpen area built in front of the right-center field bleachers in 1940. It was built here primarily for the benefit of Ted Williams, to enable him and other left-handed batters to hit more home runs, since it was 23 feet closer than the bleacher wall. The name was inspired both by Colonial Williamsburg and Yankee Stadium's hitter-friendly right field area that was often called "Ruthville".
The lone red seat in the right field bleachers (Section 42, Row 37 Fraser Forster Jersey , Seat 21), signifies the spot where the longest measurable home run ever hit inside Fenway Park's 1934 configuration landed. Ted Williams hit the home run on June 9, 1946 off Fred Hutchinson of the Detroit Tigers. Williams' bomb was officially measured at 502 feet (153 m)well beyond "Williamsburg". According to Hit Tracker Online, the ball, if unobstructed, would have flown 520 to 535 feet.
"The Belly" is the sweeping curve of the box-seat railing from the right end of "Williamsburg" around to the right field corner.
Pesky's Pole is the name for the pole on the right field foul line, which stands a mere 302 feet from home plate, the shortest right field porch in Major League Baseball.
In a ceremony before the Red Sox's 2005 interleague game against the Cincinnati Reds, the pole on the left field foul line atop The Green Monster was named Fisk Foul Pole Eric Dier Jersey , in honor of Carlton "Pudge" Fisk.
From 1912 to 1933, there was a 10-foot-high incline in front of the then 25-foot high left field wall at Fenway Park, extending from the left-field foul pole to the center field flag pole. As a result, a left fielder in Fenway Park had to play part of the territory running uphill (and back down). Boston's first star left fielder, Duffy Lewis, mastered the skill so well that the area became known as "Duffy's Cliff".
A phrase made popular by Boston television commentators, "Canvas Alley" is the open alley behind the first base line where the grounds crew sits. Canvas Alley has recently been narrowed to accommodate seats.
With all of these historic and traditional places at Fenway Park and the Red Sox team making history themselves, a visit to this sight becomes an important feature in any visit to Boston. Since the history锘? As the Pro Tour moves from.

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